3176 Hollók, Sport utca 15. T: +36 32 379 157, +36 70 2015546info@kalarisvendeghaz.hu

Nagyné Tóth Györgyi
3176 Hollk, Sport u. 15.
+36 70 201 5546
+36 32 379 157

Prices in 2020

Adult: 7500HUF + tax / person / day

Whole apartman for only 1 person: 12000HUF + tax / day

Children 0-2 years: free

Children 2-18 years: 4000 HUF + tax / children / day

Pre-arranged breakfast: please ask for the actual prices

The rooms can be occupied after 2PM, and you have to leave before 10 AM.
Leaving the room after 10AM, you'll have to pay plus half-day price.

Pets are admitted, according to preliminary negotiation.

Our prices depend on the season, the number of the nights, the guests' number and the method of the payment.

- For those who spend more nights, and to our recurrent guests additional discounts are available.

Additional discounts are available for ones with large families and people with disabilities.

For more details please call us.